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Understanding the Business

All begins with a friendly meeting to understand the business, how it currently operates and what kind of problems it’s facing. What does the acquisition funnel look like? What are the clients’ needs?


Research and Analysis

Through the meeting and subsequent research, some problems will be highlighted. I’ll validate the problems through several analytics tools and techniques, depending on the problem I’m looking into. Researching could also lead to the discovery of unexpected problems worth solving.


Testing Possible Solutions

We now know exactly what kind of problems we’re dealing with. We’ll start to tackle each one of them, starting from the most impactful. Every change will by A/B tested against the previous version: by leaving the final word to actual data I can be sure to always deliver a better-converting website.


Reporting the Results

At the end of every test and every discovery, I’ll produce a document summarizing the whole process. Since the optimization process can be paused and resumed whenever desired, having a clear history of attempts and results helps remember where we are, how much we have improved and in which direction we should move.