Tommaso Manca - Logo

I was born in Sardinia (Italy), from a paintress and a jazz musician. They have taught me the value of art and creativity, so now I make sure the graphs and data I work with are damn pretty to look at.

At the age of 8, I decided video games were awesome and I needed to be able to develop my own: that’s how I discovered programming. In the next years, I’ve developed my first websites and skillfully avoided human interactions.

True to my 8-year-old self, at the end of my formal education, I have co-founded a videogame company with 4 other talented, great guys that soon became family. From this experience I have learned a lot about running a business, especially about what not to do. We have built great games though.

Driven by the desire to build meaningful things with my own strengths, I started freelancing as a web designer/developer. At first, I focused on learning how to build pretty, lean, well-structured websites but I quickly became interested in function. I came across the concept of “user experience” and became passionate about the quality of the experience with the product.

I had been thinking for a while about how great experiences could help websites reach business goals when I’ve met Conversion Rate Optimization, a whole discipline revolving around improving experiences with goals in mind. Coding, design, psychology, strategy and creativity all tied by a scientific process. Just perfect.